Victorian Valentine
Victorian Valentine

Victorian Valentine

FREE: Great for Ages 8-14, all ages welcome

In the Victorian era (1837-1901), valentines expressed their love and devotion with sentiments, poems, and lace-trimmed cards. Join us and discover the history behind some 1890s romance traditions. Did Victorians communicate secretly with their love interest by fluttering fans? What did it mean if your friend gave you a magnolia or a rose? And why did ready-made valentine cards become so popular in America around 1900?

Content available Feb. 9, 2021 – March 9, 2021 by signing up with the link below.

FREE: Sign up by February 8 and on February 9 at 9am we will email you a link to our Victorian Valentine program: including a 15 minute video, a downloadable valentine postcard circa 1910, techniques for pressing flowers in the 1890s, and information on how to communicate using Victorian codes.

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