Educational Downloads

Activity Books

Cracker Country activity books are a popular pre-tour activity for elementary schools. Please feel free to download and copy these books for use with your students.  However, please remember that these books are copyrighted and any commercial or non-educational use is strictly prohibited.

We offer two activity books, one for K-2nd. grades titled A Look At Florida Then And Now and another for 3rd.-5th. grades called Cracker Country's Frontier Children.  Click on the title of the book you want to download.

K-2nd. Grade Activity Book
"A Look At Florida Then And Now"

3rd.-5th. Grade Activity Book
"Cracker Country's Pioneer Children"


More Free Educational Downloads

Student Vocabulary List

No matter how hard we try, it's difficult to interpret history without using words your students may not be familiar with.  We suggest that you download a copy of our Student Vocabulary List to review with your students before coming for your tour.


Rural Florida Family Life 1870-1912

Click Here to download our new booklet on Rural Florida Family Life 1870-1912.  This publication will help you and your students discover what life was like for early rural Florida families.