Virtual Visit: Grades 1-5
Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5

What to Expect

Rural Florida Community Virtual Visit

Designed for Students in Grades 1-5
How did settlers create a community? Students will develop a 19th century Florida town of their own and explore the factors that contributed to the survival of rural communities.

Program Length: 45 Minutes
Dates: Tuesday - Fridays on the following dates:
September - December
March - May
Student Cost: $125 for up to 30 participants. Your total payment is due one week prior to your program. Click Here to Pay Online

Click here to submit a request for a reservation

Submit a Request for a Reservation
About the Tour

About the Tour

Discover Rural Florida's History Virtually!

Connect your students to the museum without leaving your classroom! Our live video conferencing program is available to fit your schedule and curriculum needs.

Do you already have a video conferencing system available? Then you’re set! Please make sure to set up a test connection with us prior to your program date.

Virtual Program Setup

Virtual Program Setup

○A desktop computer, laptop or tablet connected to a data projector, white board, or monitor
○ Connection to the internet
○ Speakers loud enough for the entire classroom to hear us
○ Webcam (or built-in camera on your computer) positioned to see the classroom
○ Microphone (or built-in microphone), positioned so we can communicate with the teacher & students

Go to on your device and download the appropriate software. We have our own Zoom account and will send you the Meeting ID Number & Password once your program date/time has been scheduled. Make sure to set up a test connection with us prior to your program.

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